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Grills, trunk/saddlebag light/reflector GL1200 ASP stainless

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Mirror-polished stainless steel, 5-bar trunk and saddlebag grill set for the trunk and saddlebag light and reflectors for all years of only the GL1200 Aspencade (not LTD, SEI or Interstate) by Barracuda®.

This gorgeous grill set comes in 9 pieces, 4 trunk pieces and 5 saddlebag pieces. The center trunk grill has the breaks for the A and P in Aspencade. All  pieces comes with adhesive backs and have a protective membrane that must be removed to expose the brilliant polished stainless steel that looks like chrome but will never rust, chip or peel.

DISCLAIMER: Never use any abrasive cleaner on polished stainless steel. Soap and water will do.