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The World Traveler (Stillmon)

The World Traveler

THE WORLD TRAVELER - A Must See Unique Bike in St. Louis, Missouri
This long-time customer handed out his World Traveler business cards and claimed EVERY accessory on his bike except the bullet lights was purchased from SaberCycle!  (Photo taken in front of SaberCycle's warehouse in North Kansas City, Missouri in October 2000.)

"We've had this priceless picture of Stillman Cunningham posted in the Rogue's Gallery for some time now. Tragically, Stillman was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2002.

I'd known Stillmon since sometime in 1988. He was a delightful person and our business relationship grew over the years into a genuine friendship. Stillmon traveled the Heartland, competing earnestly in "Light Show" categories, sharing with me his triumphs and defeats along with anecdotes of the many colorful characters (like him) that he met along his way.

We were finally able to meet face to face when we moved Saber Cycle from Minnesota to Missouri. In October 2000, he rode all the way from St. Louis to Kansas City to meet me and my wife. We planned for him to return with his wife and promised to take them out for some Kansas City barbecue and Blues.

Stillmon died doing what he loved to do - riding the highway to another competition. There is much more that could be said about this gentle, caring and free spirit but words would be inadequate."


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