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My Dad got this 1976 LTD Goldwing back in 1984.  Back then it was a full tour bike with the Vetter fairing, trunk, and saddle bags. Then in 1987, when I was 14, he and I were going to Tulsa and the front tire blew out.   

The bike shop did a bad job installing the new tire. Anyway, we were going around
55 and lost control and we went down.  No real serious injuries, just some road
rash and burns from the exhaust.  The major damage to the bike was to the after-market bags and fairing.

After that the bike was parked in a shed for 23 years. Then last year I picked up the bike and brought it to Kansas City to start restoring it.  I've used Saber for many of
the parts [carb kits, cables, timing belts, etc] and will need more soon.

1976 Limited after being in shed 23 years

I was able to get it running and stopping on my own, then sent it off to a motorcycle shop to get a good working over. Just got it back April 10th, 2010 and it runs like new.
1976 GL1000 Limited

1976 GL1000 Limited

1976 GL1000 Limited

It's been fun working on it and will be even better riding it.

Kansas City, Missouri


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