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Classic Suzuki Parts Catalog

Saber Cycle has maintained a focus on Honda Gold Wing models yet always admired the ingenuity and appeal of larger Honda motorcycles. The late Seventies to early Eighties was a very fascinating period of development. The sheer, raw horsepower produced then is not much different compared to the current crop of super bikes. Many of these machines are still in in existence, running well or working candidates for restoration. They are an extreme value and should be hunted up where they have been quietly forgotten.

Many of these models use the same parts as Gold Wings which we list on this page: CBR600, CBR900, CBR1000, CBX1100, CM250, CM400, CB400, CB550, CB650, CB750, CB900, CB1000C, CB1100F, CBX, VFR700, VF750, VFR750,VT600,VF1100, VT1100, RVT1000R, RC51 

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