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GL1000 Carburetor & Fuel System Parts

Our carburetor rebuild kits are comparable to the original Napco kits, which were the most complete on the market. Carb rebuild kits were an aftermarket creation of the 1970s and Napco and Keyster were the most popular brands. The publicly accepted notion of that period was that a true rebuild kit contain all the jets, needles and float assemblies. Kits that contain anything less are merely carburetor gasket kits similar to the Honda OEM.  It can be virtually impossible to thoroughly clean years of gasoline and fuel additive build up from the carburetor needles, jets and floats so we believe replacements of these components must be included in each rebuild kit.

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1975 GL1000


Honda never made OEM carburetor rebuild kits but sold each component by piece.  Today you can buy carburetor gasket kits from Honda but the jets and needles must be purchased separately. Jets and needles have varied from the original specs due to carburetion refinements that were periodically reported through Honda bulletins, a result of field research, legislative regulation and feedback from the dealer and customer base. 

Keihin VB or venturi bore carburetors are basically the same carburetor except for the size of the venturi, as indicated by the two numbers that follow the ID as in VB48 or VB53. The components inside the float bowl can actually be interchanged between the VB carburetor family.

At one time, Napco (Nippon Automotive Parts Company) and Keyster relied on Keihin to supply the OEM components for their rebuild kits on what is called the gray market. To this day, OEM parts are not all sold under the Honda label but are sold under other brands.

Honda OEM Gasket Set Numbers:

GL1000 16010-371-004

GL1100 16010-463-004

GL1200 16010-MG9-691

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