Exhaust system stainless GL1100
Exhaust system stainless GL1100

Exhaust system stainless GL1100

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Barracuda® 304 Stainless Steel complete exhaust system to fit the GL1100.
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Brand: Barracuda®

Barracuda® 304 Stainless Steel complete exhaust system to fit the GL1100 that comes with all necessary hardware plus four (4) exhaust pipe gaskets. Our system is styled closely to the original OEM design and uses the same mounting points plus incorporates the same internal muffler chamber resonance design. Customers who bought this system have verified the sound is not louder than OEM but is "throaty" which may be due to the difference been chrome steel and stainless steel mufflers. Our 93-573 chrome extensions will fit this system.

NOTE: Last year, we extended the length of the crossover and numbered all head pipes so there is no more confusion as to which goes where.

The exhaust system is mirror-polished stainless steel that can be maintained over the years with standard stainless steel polishing compounds. Stainless steel about 300 grade does not degrade when scratched like chrome-plate does when the chrome veneer wears out on 925 grade nickel-plated carbon steel used in most aftermarket pipes. Most stainless steel above 300 grades is 18 to 20% elemental chromium in content and 304 being the standard used for most motorcycle and auto aftermarket exhaust systems.


The most obvious indication that your Honda Gold Wing's exhaust system is failing is a deteriorating appearance and increasing engine and exhaust noise. What is not so obvious is that your engine cannot maintain a proper state of tune which will lead to a serious power loss. Many times this power loss is aggravated by attempting to readjust the carburetion which will never resolve the performance issue.

Re-jetting of the carburetion is very risky and can damage your engine in the long run. So, if you have an aftermarket exhaust system that has not been built to stock specs, your bike simply will never run correctly and can never achieve optimum performance.

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