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Cable, speedometer CB650 CB750 CB900F



Motion Pro speedometer cable replacement for the following models: 

* 1969 CB750F
* 1970-82 CB750K
* 1975-82 CB750F
* 1979-82 CB650
* 1979 CB750L
* 1980 CB650C
* 1980 CB750C
* 1981-82 CB900F

Cable, speedometer CB650 CB750 CB900F
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Cable, speedometer CB650 CB750 CB900F reviews

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Speedometer cable Jul 23, 2013 David Craig CO US
  My speedometer cable broke on my 1976 CB750F and after searching on line for a replacement, I came across the Saber Cycle site. I was easily able to... more...

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