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Brake Pads Set, Honda CB750F CB900C CB900F CB1000C CB1100F

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Three (3) complete sets of anti-squeal compound brake pads to fit the two calipers on the front wheel and the one caliper on the rear wheel of these motorcycle models:

* CB750F, 1981 - 1982
* CB900C, 1982
* CB900F, 1981 - 1982
* CB1000C, 1983
* CB1100F, 1983

SPECS: Friction Rating FF (.40 average), "Little Metallic" Type, colophony bonding resin (organic), organic and mineral fibers, high friction coefficient with minimal wear, laboratory tested friction, coefficient .41 @ 150C ranging to .35 @ 300C. By Barracuda® Bike Parts.