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Brake Pads Set, GL1800

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Three (3) complete sets of of anti-squeal compound brake pads to replace all three sets on all GL1800 motorcycles. These 3 brake pad sets fit the two calipers on the front wheel (05-155) and the one caliper on the rear wheel (05-156).

TIP: According to Honda spec, the rear brake of the GL1800 uses a thicker pad because it takes the greater load. There is a deeper cavity in the rear caliper for the thicker pad. Many brake pads retailers are going the cheap route and selling identical pads for front and rear but they are cheating the customer by selling a thinner rear pad.

Maintenance schedule: Honda recommends inspecting your brake pads for wear every 4000 miles or 6400 km and inspecting your brake system every 8000 miles or 12800 km. Brake fluid should be checked every 4000 miles and replaced every 20,000 miles or 32,000 km.

SPECS: Friction Rating FF (.40 average), "Little Metallic" Type (15% copper, 3% ferric oxide, graphite, friction particle and powder), colophony bonding resin (organic), organic and mineral fibers, high friction coefficient with minimal wear, laboratory tested friction, coefficient .41 @ 150C ranging to .35 @ 300C. By Barracuda Bike Parts®.