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Mirrors, fairing GL1100 Hondaline-style SECONDS

$20.00 Reg. Price $39.00   You Save $19.00
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Chrome replacement fairing mirrors that fit the Hondaline fairings produced from 1980 to 1983. Mirrors are "true image' flat glass that include the bolts and gaskets. This set has chrome imperfections in the brackets and arms but the mirror backs look good. Sold in a set of right and left. 

NOTE: The convex glass of the original Hondaline was illegal at one time back in the Eighties due to accidents from the distorted reflection. Now most state motorcycle manuals warn riders to learn to get used to their convex mirrors. Some riders prefer convex because they claim it eliminates blind spots. We prefer true image because we want to reflect true distance.

DISCLAIMER: These mirrors will NOT fit Vetter or other aftermarket fairings. All mirrors, being a highly perishable item, are sold without warranty or guarantee of any type.

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