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Koken History

Do you remember when people looked at your strangely after you said that you needed a 9mm socket wrench?

Do you remember when the "Snap-On" guy, in his glorious polished van simply sneered when you told him you needed a metric socket set and made very unflattering comments about that "European junk" and "--crap"?

Not everyone behaved like that. But, from the late 50's to nearly the end of the 60's, it was darn hard to find metric tools - never mind quality tools - unless you took a trip to Europe or Japan to get them. Then, it cost a fortune in overweight baggage to bring any tools back.

In the mid-60's, a couple of enterprising trading companies (wholesalers) in Japan began exporting neat compact basic socket sets in a then unheard of metal, red enamel, carrying case containing 12 precision quality sockets and six excellent handles and extensions.

The maker was Koken Tool Co., Ltd, of Shizuoka, Japan, known by the tool pros as the "Snap-On" of Japan.

We recently stumbled into a small stock of these which, truthfully should price for at least $100.00 in today's dollars. We know people who have beat the same set around for over 35 years and the ratchet is still tight and the bearing snap fittings still fit snuggly!!

A piece of history and a bargain!

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