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1976 GL1000 (Diane)

I bought this bike from Bob of Bob's General Store on eBay. It was black with a fairing and unidentifiable aftermarket bags which were removed because I wanted it naked and brought back to the Sulphur Yellow of 1976.

This bike did not require a complete engine rebuild but it does have new head gaskets from our stock. I refer to it as the "Saber bike" because most all the replacement parts and chrome accessories came from our own inventory: air cutoff valve, air dam spoiler, cables, carb rebuild kits, carb manifold o-rings, air, oil and fuel filters, brake pads, brake caliper and master cylinder rebuild kits, breaker plate assembly, spark plugs and caps, condensor plate assembly, headlight visor, hand grips, kickstand, mirrors, shocks, relay switch, tank rack, turn signal lights, etc. All of which were installed by Honda tech, Tom Rowland, at Dell's Powersports, a Honda dealer in Blue Springs, Missouri.

The rotor covers, radiator grill and Laser Jama exhaust system were the last of our stock, all of which we plan on reproducing. The future radiator grill will be done in mirror-polished stainless steel. As for the GL1000 exhaust system, we are considering both black and stainless steel.

Bob's General Store restored the original seat. Gene ferreted out the tail light assembly and seat rail from eBay, as well as the front fender that came with the fender trim which we might reproduce some day.  Note the wheels don't yet match but we finally found a spoked wheel to put on the rear.

Now, you might think this restoration was fairly economical but as you all know, labor does not come cheap. As I've told many a customer, we are a warehouse, not a repair shop. But I must admit, I put on the mirrors, the tach and speedo covers, installed the relay switch and opened up the horn/turn signal/dimmer switch and, over the course of several weeks, squirted the heck out of it with electronic cleaner to get my horn working again. 

This project has inspired several future projects and initiated the addition of several new inventory items, such as the turn signals and stems and break plate assembly. Anyway, it's been fun and now I can better appreciate what our customers go through bringing these beautiful machines back to life!  

Diane Krizek
Saber Cycle
Raytown, Missouri

1976 GL1000 (Diane)


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