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1975 GL1000 with touring gear and dog

This is my 75, GL-1000 in action. The Dog is called "Krud". I got the bike for some work. It was the victim of a flood when I got it at 150,000 miles, and the engine was ruined, but I had a 79 engine that I installed.

The dog, and I have logged another 150,000 miles since I built it in 2001. I'm upgrading to a low mileage 80 model 1100 motor with 75, 1000 cams, and a Dyns-S ignition now, and hope to get another 150,000 miles, and more.

But the dog probably won't make it that far. At 14 years old her riding is confined to local 50 mile runs. But she is the best riding partner I ever had. You can post my e-mail. I love to talk about my dog, my bike, and the places we've been. 


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