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Policies: Rights

While you as a consumer have the right to pick and choose who you will purchase from, we reserve the right to choose who we will sell to.

We will not deny sales to anyone because of race, creed, political affilation or gender. However, we WILL NOT sell to those who attempt to defraud us with bad credit cards, phony addresses and merchandise return scams OR intimidate us with threats and foul language.

Dealing with such issues is costly to ALL OF US due to the waste of precious time and resources that eventually contributes to declines in customer service and price increases.

Customs Declarations

False declarations on customs documents are against U.S. Customs law and the customs law of your country. Do not ask us to break the law and jeopardize our business with fines, penalties, seizure of goods, imprisonment and the inability to export and ship internationally.  We have the right to cancel your order if you do so.

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