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Dedicated to ensuring swift delivery of stable on-hand supplies at highly competitive values for all Gold Wing models, especially the early Wings.


Saber Cycle started business procuring merchandise from notable distributors of GoldWing parts and accessories. Customer demand justified investing in large quantities of certain items. We began making factory-direct purchases from SJC Co. Ltd. of Tainan, Taiwan, the very same manufacturer who supplied some of the major distributors, Add-On Accessories™, Kuryakyn™ and Big Bike Parts™. Much of our stock still comes from the very same production runs as these major distributors without the added expense of brand-name packaging.

Our mission has always been to ensure stable on-hand supplies that have the same market quality as our competitors and the added benefit of swift delivery at highly competitive values for our customers.

Over the years, we acquired some discontinued GoldWing stock from manufacturers, such as Markland and MC Enterprises. This stock, such as the Markland 1984 GL1200 Handlebar Clamp Covers, was repackaged in plain vanilla wrap. 

Unlike most distributors who tend to cater to the late model trade, we have maintained the reproduction of parts and accessories of early models that were discontinued by Honda and major distributors long ago. Many of these items were manufactured for us using the very same tool and dies as the originals. In some cases, the continuation of an item requires a considerable investment in retooling costs, in addition to the usual commitment to large quantities.

Our program of spare parts procurement is consistently expanding, especially the items that Honda permanently discontinued and are critically needed for vehicle operation. We seek out makers who can provide us with the best of engineering talent, backed up with ISO9001/2 and QS certification ratings, as well as the prestigious TUV certification wherever possible.

Our unique procurement philosophy is not typical of the trade but should indicate to you that Saber Cycle's mission is dedication to values for ALL owners of the Gold Wing - not just the later models. Were it not for us, many Gold Wing owners would not be able to keep their bikes on the road and many more beautiful accessories would be totally lost to obscurity.

Our commitment to value and our sincere belief in what we believe is the best and most reliable motor vehicle ever built - the Gold Wing - deserving to remain on the road and available to be enjoyed for as long as is possible!!

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