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Here we offer possible solutions for common performance problems and tips on selecting the correct part and accessory for your model. These Frequently Asked Questions should not be confused with tech tips you might find in a Clymer, Haynes or Honda workshop manual. 

FAQ1 - Why do I need to know my GoldWing year and model for ordering parts and how can I tell what I have?

FAQ2 - How do I know when my GoldWing needs a new exhaust system?

FAQ3 - Why do all GL1200 stators fail and will I ultimately need a correctly designed charging system harness?

FAQ4 - How can I improve my Gold Wing's start and warm up, idling and acceleration?

FAQ5 - How can I limit my Goldwing's excessive pitching when braking or riding on unevenly surfaced roads?

FAQ6 - What should I use to clean my windshield?

FAQ7 - Do you carry Goldwing engine and battery covers and trunk lids?

FAQ8 - Can all GL1500 riders enjoy the benefits of floorboards and highway boards?

FAQ9 - How can I eliminate my Gold Wing's notchy steering and improve high-speed handling and control?

FAQ10 - Why should I need a motorcycle battery charger for my GoldWing in the summer?

FAQ11 - Can my Goldwing's leaking water pump be repaired?

FAQ12 - How do I know when my Gold Wing needs new spark plugs covers?

FAQ13 - When should I replace my GoldWing's valve timing belts?

FAQ14 - How should I care for the chrome accessories on my Honda Goldwing?

FAQ15 - Why should I replace my Goldwing's wheel bearings?

FAQ16 -What's that white smoke when I cold start my GL1000, GL1100 or GL1200?

FAQ17 - What's that blue-black smoke when I cold start my GL1000, GL1100 or GL1200?

FAQ18 - Why won't my GoldWing's cooling fan turn on by itself and why doesn't it stop running?

FAQ19 - Do I need to replace my GoldWing's brake pistons when they have exterior dents and flaws or lock up?

FAQ20 -What should I do about the leaking fork tubes of my Honda GoldWing?

FAQ21 - Can I get a dip oil stick for my GL1000?

FAQ22 - Where do I find my VIN, carburetor model ID, engine, frame and final drive serial numbers?

FAQ23 - Why should I prefer 304 stainless steel for my Goldwing accessories?

FAQ24 - What driver floorboards can I install on my GL1000 engine guards?

FAQ25 - Where can I get a fuel pump for my 1985 GL1200 LTD and 1986 GL1200 SEI?

FAQ26 - Why do Canadians need to verify their GoldWing models?

FAQ27 - Why don't you carry wire and terminals for the coils of the GL1100?

FAQ28 - What is the difference between drop-down and swing-out passenger armrests on a Honda Goldwing?

FAQ29 - My GL1200 brake pads have metal plates so can I use your brake pads?

FAQ30 - Do I have stock handlebars on my GL1000?

FAQ31 - Where are your parts made?

FAQ32 - How do I ensure my head gasket seals properly?

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