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FAQ9 - How can I eliminate my GoldWing's notchy steering?

Worn stock steering stem ball bearings usually cause notchy steering. Replacing the bearings in your steering stem will dramatically improve your steering by eliminating high-speed jerkiness and unpredictable left-right-left-right oscillation on less than perfect road surfaces. Low-speed driving will smooth out to become effortless.

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Most motorcycles, including the $20,000+ tourers, are built with primitive bicycle-type loose ball bearings races. You may have stock bearings worth pennies that provide little support and cause poor turning responses. These bearings have sloppy, crude tolerances that can literally cause side-to-side clunking and vague, uncomfortable steering. They damage easily, pit and rust and impede ease of movement that can become quite dangerous.

We offer All Balls!" precision tapered roller (Timken type) bearings for your steering stem. All Balls™ races have deep, tapered roller bearing housings for maximum support and load vector thrust where it should be - down in the center of the steering stem.

Balance, ease of handling and effortless turning with these huge, supporting roller bearing surfaces make a twitchy nightmare into a riding pleasure. One less defective assembly to forget about. A lot more riding enjoyment no matter how old the bike. Safety is always the first thought - a small price to pay for so much!

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