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FAQ31 - Where are your parts made?

After the Gold Wing hit the market in 1975, Saber Cycle’s founder soon recognized the importance of replacing the GoldWing’s timing belt which he added to his parts offerings early on. Over the past four decades, Saber Cycle has sourced belt makers from the USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore and most recently China, where the most reliable supply of top quality timing belts has been found – even for such name brands as Gates. See

Nearly all Goldwing accessories were made in Taiwan, the Republic of China, during the Eighties and Nineties. Except for Markland, M/C Enterprises and Slipstreamer, very few motorcycle parts and accessories are made in the U.S.A. and if they were, few Gold Wing owners would be able to afford to keep their bikes running. American factories here require huge production runs of 30,000 or more while typical motorcycle distributors of accessories never invest in anything more than a quantity of 300 to 1,000.

Since 2000, Taiwan has vastly more competition in the international community with the development of the People’s Republic of China, Korea, India, Mexico and Thailand to name a few. Even though Japan dominates in motorcycle production, parts manufacturing began tapering off as early as the 1970′s and much of the parts for early Goldwings have been obsoleted and cannot be sourced from Japan. Consequently, the major parts and accessories distributors are also sourcing in other countries in Asia.

Honda's largest two wheeler manufacturing operations are located in India. Click the CONTACT US link and scroll down to see the the addresses of their locations:

And let's not forget that Royal Enfield has been made in India since the 60s:

Today, Honda Worldwide boasts about business in Mainland China. They announced mass production of the passenger car Jazz in April 2005 at the first auto production plant in China dedicated exclusively to exports.


And every now and then, we receive a Honda Goldwing OEM part marked “Made in China”.

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