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FAQ30 - Do I have stock GL1000 handle bars?

Customers, now and then, order throttle cables for their GL1000 and discover they are too short. Our description suggests going with GL1100 cables if the handlebars aren't stock. But, so many years have come and gone that few know what stock handlebars look like. Handlebars have been replaced because they get banged up over the years and sometimes the chrome blisters and peels. Some were replaced by short riders who did not want to lean so far forward.

The OEM number for 1975 to 1977 (except the 1976 Limited) is 37115-371-000 and it's specs below:

22mm diameter (7/8)
32 inch wide
6 inch rise
6 inch pullback
Here are a few pictures showing the OEM perched on the handlebars of our 1976, obviously not OEM. The difference is significant.

 GL1000 handlebars

 GL1000 handlebars, left side

GL1000 handlebars, right side

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