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FAQ3 - Why do all GL1200 stators fail and will I ultimately need a correctly designed charging system harness?

1984-87 GL1200's have suffered from these complaints:

  • motor noise heard in radio equipment,
  • hard starting engine,
  • acceleration or carburetor lag,
  • rough idle,
  • engine overheating,
  • short battery life and
  • short stator life from overheating

    Over the years, many have blamed the GL1200 stator failure on an incorrectly designed wiring harness. The stock plug-and-play connector is sometimes a weak point to be sure. Please contact us if you believe your stator issues are due to a faulty stock harness. We might have a solution for you.

    Rick's Motorsports Electric stators are wound with a slightly larger wire than the Honda OEM and consequently a bit more robust than stock.

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