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FAQ3 - Why do all GL1200 stators fail and will I ultimately need a correctly designed charging system harness?

1984-87 GL1200's suffer from several "incurable" complaints ,such as:

  • motor noise heard in radio equipment,
  • hard starting engine,
  • acceleration or carburetor lag,
  • rough idle,
  • engine overheating,
  • short battery life and
  • short stator life from overheating.

    The root problem is bad connections in the stock wiring harness. After owning a GL1200, the owner of Campbell's Electronics designed a charging system harness that corrected the bad connections in the charging and ignition system. The new harness cleared up his noise 95% of the time and provided him enough engine power to leave a 60 foot black mark on the pavement in second gear!

    Do you need a harness? Read the documented research for yourself by Campbell's Electronics.

    We offer new stators for years 1979 to 1987 and for the GL1200 LTD 1985 and GL1200 SEI 1986.

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