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FAQ28 - What is the difference between drop-down and swing-out passenger armrests?

There are two basic styles of passenger armrests for the Honda Goldwings: drop-down and swing-out.


The armrests of the drop-down style literally drop down over the saddlebag lid.  These armrests are installed with a hinge and bolt system positioned close to the trunk mount bar above the saddlebag. Drop-downs may make mounting difficult for some passengers. These armrests may be impaired by rails installed on the saddlebag lid.

Drop-down armrests on a 1983 GL1100 Aspencade


The mounting weldment of swing-out armrests are installed underneath the trunk  on the mount frame. The weldment attaches to trunk mount frame with u-bolts, washers and lock nuts as shown below.

Swing-out Armrests mounting weldment attached to 1983 GL1100 ASP trunk frame

This picture illustrates a complete swing-out armrests installation on a 1983 GL1100 Aspencade before the trunk is put back on.

Swing-out armrests mounted on the trunk frame of a 1983 GL1100 ASP

Swing-outs swing wide and clear of the saddlebags making it easier for passengers to mount and swing clear of any rails installed on the saddlebags.

Swing-out armrests on a 1983 GL1100 Aspencade 

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