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FAQ25 - Where can I get a fuel pump for my 1985 GL1200 LTD and 1986 GL1200 SEI?

This fuel pump was obsoleted by Honda so we have them slated for future reproduction. For now, all we can do for our customers is offer this bit of information about this particular EFI fuel pump:

Years ago, a customer called us hopping mad because he discovered the fuel pump for his fuel injected 1985 Limited was the same as the one for the 1985 and 1986 Honda Prelude EFI 2.2 - and much more expensive. This OEM fuel pump had two different OEM numbers and prices - one for the automotive sector and the other for the motorcycle.

Consequently, when we discovered Honda obsoleted the 1985 LTD/ 1986 SEI fuel pump in 2008, we bought every last one of those Prelude fuel pumps from American Honda of which there were only a handful left. Our stock is all sold but for reference: Prelude OEM = 06167-PE7-751 and the Goldwing OEM = 16700-PE7-748.

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