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FAQ23 - Why should I prefer 304 Stainless Steel for my Goldwing accessories?

Stainless steel (INOX) has many grades, and all are far superior to to ordinary carbon steel (925) which is used as the base for cosmetic chrome plating in most common accessories. 304 Stainless is 18-20% elemental chromium, and is not only enormously high strength, but can be and is polished to a brilliant mirror-like permanent finish referred to as Mirror Polish.

Inexpensive chrome-plated 925 steel is plated microns thin with a copper underlay, nickel color, and chrome (clear) top layer, that is commonly known as the Triple Chrome Process.  A scratch will lead to rust and corrosion of the iron/steel main body material and is impossible to remedy short of cleaning and polyurethane coating.

304 Stainless Steel is preferred for its maximum strength properties but depending on the application, 302 and 316 Stainless may be a more desirable medium  according to the welding requirements and ambient location of the accessory.  Stainless steel is costlier to produce and reduces repeat replacement sales but quality and long term durability as well as long term cosmetic brilliance and low maintenance should be the ideals of every accessory maker.

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