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FAQ22 - Where do I find my VIN, carburetor model ID, engine, frame and final drive serial numbers?

Determining whether or not an older Gold Wing model is stock can be difficult if you are not the original owner. Identifying the identification numbers of the VIN, carburetors, engine, frame and final drive will help.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is on the safety certification label on the left side of the steering head.

Carburetor Model Identification

Honda installed Keihin constant vacuum or constant velocity carburetors in its Gold Wings and the name Keihin should be cast into the body. GL1000 had different carburetors for each of its model years.

1976 GL1000 carburetor IDGL1000 carburetor ID is on the top of the carburetor mounting flange. Carb IDs: 1975 - 755A,  1976 - 758A, 1977 - 764A, 1978 and 1979 - 769A (prior to 1-1-78) and 771A (emission control manufactured after 12-31-77)

<-Shown is carburetor ID 758A from a 1976.

GL1100 carburetor ID can be found on the left side of the carburetor body. Carb IDs: VB48A and VB48C.

GL1200 carburetor ID is found on the inside of the carburetor bodies. Carb IDs: VD53A, VD53B, VD53C and VD53D, as well as California VD55A, VD55B, VD55C and VD55D.

Engine and Frame Serial Numbers

Engine and frame serial numbers are typically close in number range if they are original.

Engine Serial Number is stamped on the top right side of the crankcase. Cylinder bores: GL1000 - 72 mm (2.834 inc.), GL1100 - 75 mm (2.953 in.) , GL1200 - 75.5 (2.97 in.)

Frame Serial Number is stamped on the right side of the steering head.

Final drive Serial Number is on the left or final gear case near the pinion flange.

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