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FAQ20 - What should I do about my leaking fork tubes?

Change your fork seals as soon as possible! If you don't, the chances are great that your front brake pads will become soaked with fork fluid resulting in the near to complete loss of your front brakes!

Changing fork seals is a bit of work but the simplest way to accomplish this is by dropping your front triple tree. Extracting your fork tubes being very, very careful to use no tools of any kind on the tubes so as not to scratch the ends. Handle the tubes with a pair of clean cotton garden gloves or a clean cotton terry cloth towel to avoid any scratching. Even the most minute scratches where the seals fit can cause the forks seals to leak - and new fork seals will not solve the problem.

To remove the fork seals, remove the snap ring just above your old seals with a simple set of snap ring pliers. Pull out the old seals and push the new ones in by hand.

Consult your workshop manual in case this procedure doesn't work for your situation. We offer fork seals at a fraction of the OEM price for the GL1000, GL1100, GL1200 and GL1500.

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