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FAQ2 - How do I know when my Honda Goldwing needs new exhaust system?

The most obvious indication that your Honda Goldwing's exhaust system is failing is a deteriorating appearance and increasing engine and exhaust noise. What is not so obvious is that your engine cannot maintain a proper state of tune which will lead to a serious power loss. Many times this power loss is aggravated by attempting to readjust the carburetion which will never resolve the performance issue.

Rejetting of the carburetion is very risky and can damage your engine in the long run. So, if you have an aftermarket exhaust system that has not been built to stock specs, your bike simply will never run correctly and can never achieve optimum performance.

Regretably, we have received many phone calls from Goldwing owners who, after purchasing inexpensive exhaust pipes that looked great, complained about excessive noise and mediocre performance. After admitting that all their attempts to retune their machines only made matters worse, they ordered new exhaust systems from us.

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