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FAQ15 - Why should I replace my GoldWing's wheel bearings?

Why? Because your life depends on it! You only have two wheels. If one bearing fails, jams up or collapses, you lose directional control and, if in heavy traffic, could veer into an oncoming car. A worse case scenario? Hardly. It happens more than you care to think.

On the lighter side, if a bearing collapses while you are loaded with passenger and gear and you manage to limp into a dealership 1,000 miles from home. Friend, you may get sold a new wheel for $800 plus labor. Need we say more?

Bearings are cheap and easy to replace but because they are concealed, nobody bothers to check them. They absorb enormous stress, shock and heat and simply wear out. They roll over and over millions of times in often very abrasive situations. We are proud to carry All Balls!" wheel bearings, the cheap insurance and the best maintenance bargain you will ever buy!

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