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FAQ1 - Why do I need to knowmy Honda Goldwing year and model for ordering parts and how can I tell what I have?

Knowing your year, model and series is imperative for most of our parts and accessories. What appears to be simple design to the naked eye can actually require very complex engineering as in the design of Goldwing's exhaust systems which we go into more depth in FAQ 2. The 1985 ASP LTD and 1986 ASP SEI are 4-cylinder Goldwings that have a fuel-injected engine so you wouldn't want to buy a carburetor kit for these bikes.

Our product descriptions specify exactly on which models our aftermarket parts will both fit and operate. Our Internet Order Form now lists all possible year, model and series combination to alleviate errors but our customers are still responsible for making the correct choice.

The model series of your bike, such as Interstate, Aspencade, usually appears as a side nameplate on your saddlebag, except the standard models which have no nameplate, even if they are equipped with the side-split Hondaline aftermarket luggage.

See FAQ22 to find out where to find your VIN, carburetor model ID, engine ID and more.

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