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93-520.jpg Air Dam Spoiler Goldwing GL1000 GL1100
Chrome air-dam spoiler includes two Queen lights and fits GL1000 and GL1100. We still have a few of this impossible to find spoiler but you better get yours before their gone!

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93-520_820.jpg Air Dam Spoiler Goldwing GL1200
Chrome air-dam spoiler includes two Queen lights for GL1200 except Limited, SEI and 1987 Aspencade. We still have a few of this impossible to find spoiler!

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93-692.jpg Camshaft end cover, Chrome Goldwing GL1100
Chrome camshaft end cover fits 1980 to 1983 GL1100.

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93-694.jpg Camshaft end cover, Chrome Goldwing GL1200
Chrome camshaft end cover fits only GL1200.

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93-428.jpg Carburetor / spark plug wire covers, Goldwing GL1000 GL1100
Chrome covers to conceal both pairs of carburetors and spark plug wires on the 1975 to 1983.

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93-859.jpg Carburetor top covers, Goldwing GL1200
Chrome, die-cast carburetor top covers for GL1200 except Limited and SEI. Price per pair.

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93-134.jpg Covers, chrome horn Goldwing GL1100
Chrome horn covers for the stock horns of the GL1100, 1980 to 1983.

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93-402.jpg Grill, radiator GL1000 GL1100 "Seconds"
Radiator grill made with a heavy three dimensional chrome plated body and upright Rolls-style tines for 1975 to 1983. A very economical protection for your radiator...

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93-702.jpg Grill, show radiator Goldwing GL1200
3-dimensional, classic show radiator grill for the 1984 Standard, 1984 to 1987 Interstate and 1984 to 1986 Aspencade that wraps around radiator sides and is beautifully...

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02-501.jpg Oil filter bolt GL1000 GL1100 GL1200
Chrome acorn oil filter bolt for 1975 to 1987. Huge 22mm hex head chrome acorn bolt made of especially hardened steel and sized for stock oil filters only. Your wrench won't slip...

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93-510.jpg Timing belts covers, Chrome Goldwing GL1000 GL1100
Chrome timing belt covers for GL1000 and GL1100 that are sold as a set for both the left and right side.The base material of these covers are made of the higher density ZAMAK-5 over...

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15-7587.jpg Valve cover grommets Goldwing GL1000 GL1100
Valve cover bolt seal or grommets that replace OEM 90541-371-000 for 1975-83 GL1000 and GL1100. Price per EACH grommet but picture depicts four grommets.

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15-0137.jpg Valve cover grommets Goldwing GL1200 GL1500
Valve cover bolt seal or grommets that replace OEM 90542-MB0-000 for GL1200 and GL1500. Priced for each grommet.

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94-651.jpg Valve cover nameplate

Brass nameplate with black letters spelling Goldwing that is intended for the indentation of the GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200 Goldwing valve covers.

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93-450.jpg Valve covers Goldwing GL1000 GL1100
Chrome, die-cast valve covers for the GL1000 and GL1100 with brass nameplate and black letters spelling "Goldwing". Price per pair...

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