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Customer Testimonials 2006 to 2019

Thumbs Up!This feedback comes from real customer emails voluntarily sent back to 2000 when we first went online. Signatures are reduced to first names to maintain our customer's privacy. Thanks to all who take the time to write!

Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, Canada5 Stars! (March 2019)
Thanks for the prompt service. The parts were a 100% fit. Mike

Pensacola Beach, Florida5 Stars! (January 2019)
I appreciate Saber Cycle for all you do for us old Wingers. You have most parts I need. Evne helped locate a used part for my GL1200. I wouldn't be riding now. That's true customer service and dedication. Charlie

Weymouth, Massachusetts5 Stars! (October 2018)
great service. they were very helpful to get the right part. thankyou scott

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada 5 Stars! (October 2018)
Much appreciated, looking forward to having brake lights again! Great service, and thank you for stocking this hard to find item. Cheers from Canada. Best, Dylan

Chickasha, OK5 Stars!(July 2018)
"Hello I used your [timing belt cover] tool today, it was a life saver, Thank you" William

Leominster, MA5 Stars!(June 2018)
"I've bought many things from this site. Shipping is always fast and damage free. Always comes before the "Estimated Delivery" date. Parts always fit perfectly. I would recommend to anyone!  Angel"

Deridder, Louisiana (April 2018) 5 Stars!
"You guys/gals are phenomenal. I am glad I found you. You have the best prices, and outstanding responsiveness and service. Just what I need for restoring my 88 GL-1500. Thank you for your service. James"

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom (April 2018) 5 Stars!
"Hi I've received both belts well within e. t. a. and I'm more than happy with both the belts & the price I paid, that said, for future reference whilst there was no Import Duty nor Excise Duty there was VAT (value added tax) £5.97 which at present is 20% here in the UK, this is charged solely on "NEW" items only, on top of this £8 was added by Royal Mail. I'm not asking for the £13.97 as even with these extra charges the belts were half the cost of buying them here from Honda UK. Thank you, I shall be dealing with you again, & shall inform friends & relatives. Mark"

Waynetown, Indiana (February 2018) 5 Stars!
"Thank you VERY much. You are such an outstanding company. I made two orders in a row.... well I checked out too soon. Made the next order. You caught what I had done. Instead to two shipments you made it one and you refunded a shipping cost to my card. THANK YOU... YOu have always taken care of me... even though I am a small buyer... you treat me like I was special. That does not happen often now a days. I am very grateful for your kindness. Kevin"

Capetown, South Africa (December 2017) 5 Stars!
"Received my order today. Very, very happy with everything, especially the new style grill set which is metal instead of plastic. Also, the rubber spacers and flashy, chrome end-caps should solve the rust problem that I have (had) on my '93 Goldwing 1500. Fits perfectly too. It took two and a half months to get here but that's cool. I'm used to stuff taking three months to get here to the southernmost tip of Africa! I'm really glad I found you on Google. We don't have any Honda bike dealers here in South Africa. B.T.W. thanx for the special. I'll be using it soon to buy some gaskets and belts that I'll be needing some time (3 months) from now. It's the holiday season now so you enjoy yours. Anwar"

Sibbhult, Sweden (December 2017) 5 Stars!
"Hello. I got a message that I had a package to recieve. I wen't down to the postoffice and they couln't find it. After one week!!!! they found it. I was suprced to see what it was possitivly. A new antenna from Cyber Cycle. I coulddn't belive it, well I did. Had to test it at once on the bike and it work't perfectly. Thank you a million. Very nice of you. Best regards Mikael"  (Mikael's antenna order arrived damaged. We filed an insurance claim and shipped him a replacement.)

Franklin, Australian Capital TE, Australia (November 2017) 5 Stars!
"Just received my order and want to say thanks for your quick service.  The parts are a perfect replacement for original. Best wishes Nick"

Darch, WA, Australia (November 2016) 5 Stars!
"Hi folks, I felt that I needed to tell you about your service. As an international buyer I have dealt with many Goldwing Accessory sellers and some are quite good and others down right lousy. However, Saber Cycle has proven to be one of the best I have dealt with in recent times. Speedy dispatch and extra quick delivery through First Class Mail, great combination. I will of course pass one this positive information to other members of my Motorcycle Riders Club. Thanks and keep up the good work. Wishing all at Saber Cycle a very Merry Christmas and safe New Year from Australia. Kind regards Barry"

Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada (October 2017) 5 Stars!
"You folks are the best. Thank you very much for the great service. Paul"

North St. Paul, Minnesota (June 2016) 5 Stars!
"Thank you very much. I received the fuel petcock tap. Would like to say you guys have done a great job with all of my orders, and it's very appreciated. Joel"

Mineral Point, Pennsylvania (June 2016) 5 Stars!
"I hesitated to buy from you with all the bad reviews but I made to orders they both showed up and was as described I just wanted to personally thank you and you now have my business thanks again. Zeth"

 Carl Junction, Missouri (February 2016) 5 Stars!
"Thank you very much. What I've gotten from you I think were excellent parts. I've read some really bad comments about you guys and I think all unfounded an unjustified. Keep on doing what you're doing because I'm pretty happy with my results. It's getting harder and harder to find parts for my old Aspencade and I'm finding what I like with you guys. THANK YOU." Michael

 Gainesville, Georgia (December 2015) 5 Stars!
"i recieved my new control levers today dec 24th wow!!!! there perfect great product and super great service thank you saber cycle.  great job ill be recomending you to friends. or anyone else i might run into who needs parts thanks again" Glenn

Raudin, France (September 2015) 5 Stars!
"HI, i good receive the 2 parts ,fast ,thanks, good job ,a another time. philippe"

St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada (April 2015) 5 Stars!
"Every little bit helps Diane, thanks again. Derek" (because we reduced his shipping cost and refunded him $8.00)

Elk Grove, California (July 2015) 5 Stars!
"Thanks Diane, the parts have just arrived at 1210 hrs. Graeme" (His order shipped Express on July 21 and he received July 22)

St. George's, Newfoundland, Canada (July 2015) 5 Stars!
"Hi Diane, Received my items yesterday. The only thing is that the holes in the grill guard did not match the bolt placement on the bike. Easy fix with a round  file though. The flagpoles look awesome. Your shipping was super fast all the way here to Newfoundland and Labrador. Canada. Will order from you again.Thanks,Jeffrey"

St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada (April 2015) 5 Stars!
"Every little bit helps Diane, thanks again. Derek" (because we reduced his shipping cost and refunded him $8.00)

Defiance, Ohio (October 2014) 5 Stars!
"Thank you for contacting me about my order and expediting shipping.  i appreciate it.  I have ordered several parts from Saber Cycle and have been pleased with the quality and delivery. Darryl"

Natick, Massachusetts (July 2014) 5 Stars!
"Dianne, what you guys have brought to market already is world class! I just figured I’d throw it out there.....Thanks, Dave"

Huntingdale, Victoria, Australia (April 2014) 5 Stars!
"I received your order in 3 days!!! That is just awesome service. Excellent, can't thank you enough. Kind regards, N Chris" (Note: order shipped USPS Express)

Victorville, California (February 2014)5 Stars!
"Thank you again Diane for your fast response. It is refreshing to know that people like you, believe strongly and passionately about their business and the products they represent. It is good to know that you and your staff are very knowledgeable about these older bikes. There comes a time when one must trust another. With your display of personal honesty, integrity and professionalism, I feel that your company is deserving of ones trust. Thank you again for your response. Lonnie"

Houston, Minnesota (May 2013) 5 Stars!
"Just wanted to give you guys kudos on how fast you got my parts to me. I'm very impressed!! The valve stem seals got here faster than any other part from any other vendor I've ever ordered!!!! I'll be using you guys again! Thanks for the awesome service! John"

Sorrento, Florida (April 2013) 5 Stars!
"Just want to say thank you i'm am well pleased with your service made 2 orders this week and got everthing in a timely manner. Ralph"

Versailles, Kentucky (April 2013) 5 Stars!

"I recieved the amber light tube for my ring of fire (barracuda). They are installed and look positively wonderful!! They are much better than the red ones I had before. I will forward a picture of my bike in the next couple of days. Thanks again!!!!"

Sorrento, Florida (April 2013) 5 Stars!
"Just want to say thank you i'm am well pleased with your service made 2 orders this week and got everthing in a timely manner. Your doing a great job thanks for everything. Ralph"

 Kilcullen, Kildare Ireland (March 2013)5 Stars!
"Thank you order received today Excellent service Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android" Paul

Weyers Cave, Virginia (March 2013) 5 Stars!
"Thank you! I didn't ride my bike last year and I intend to change that. I anticipate other issues do to lack of use. I am glad I found your site it is getting hard to find parts anymore. When the time comes your site is the first place I will be checking. Thanks again"

Lafayette, Indiana (March 2013)5 Stars!
"Just wanted again to say thanks for fixing my order & getting it out so quick.... Am bookmarking you, do a lot of bike work...Will be using you again in the near future... Just not used to customer service that actually services the customer... You guys are really on the ball, very refreshing in this day & age... Thanks, Tony"

Challuy, France (January 2013)5 Stars!
"Bonjour Monsieur,merci j'ai bien reçu ma commande, merci a tout le monde, cordialement .Pascal"

Dallas, Texas (January 2013)5 Stars!
"I ordered your carburetor rebuild deluxe kit for my GL1000 after seeing what my friend received from Randakk for way more money. No problems with my rebuild. All other parts fit. My baby runs like a racer. Thanks! Your the best. Steve"

De Bilt, The Netherlands (January 2013)5 Stars!
"Wauw, fast service. Very nice to work with you, my compliments. I will, you are in my favorites now. Keep up the good work ;) Thanks for your service. Package arrived yesterday in good order. Greetz, Rinke"

Suffolk, United Kingdom (August 2012)5 Stars!

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada (June 2012)5 Stars!
"Thanks guys!... :) :) Just installed the swingout armrests on my GL1200. They fit perfectly and installed in 1/2 hour. The wife feels more secure now! Steve"

Meltham, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (June 2012)5 Stars!
"To all at Saber Cycle.
Firstly, my apologies for the delay in submitting this review. I took delivery of brake pads and timing belts for my GL1500 quite some time ago, and they are now fitted to the bike. As ever, the parts are of first class quality, and, once again I was amazed at how quickly they arrived at my address. I would like to offer my sincere thanks for your excellent service. All my regards.   George"

Shreveport, Louisiana (May 2012)5 Stars!
"thanks for your help/ i've order from your company before and have found the products and service to be great thanks for keeping the old wings alive without companies like yours we riders of older bikes would be up the old creek!! lol Smitty"

Presque Isle, Maine (May 2012)5 Stars!
"They work and fit just like they are suppose to but my best experience was with your customer service person and how they went well beyond what I had expected . the service was second to none and in this day and age to be treated with the customer care and respect like that was quite refreshing. I was very happy with my experience with your company. I will be back to be a customer again with any parts I may need in the future and anyone I meet or know will hear about your company and I will send them your way. Jerry"

Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada (April 2012)5 Stars!
"Hello, I recently ordered a windshield for my Honda motorcycle and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your service. I live in Canada and was happy to find someone that would ship to Canada at a reasonable price. My windshield arrived within the week and fit perfectly. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I will be sure and pass on your name to others. Sincerely, Paul"

Denver, Colorado (March 2012)5 Stars!
"Dear Sir, I had an over heating problem with my Goldwing and traced it to the fan not coming on.  The fan worked, so it's the radiator temperature control switch that has failed.  On-line, there was a cheap fix with an after-market car model heat switch, but the terminals don't match and cutting up wires and changing is through the auto parts store!  The local prices for the OEM part were well over a $100 bill.   I remembered your great prices on my brake pads and voila!  there was just the heat control switch I needed for $49 on your website.  We ordered it after 4pm your time, got a confirmation within 30 minutes that it was shipped, and got it in the mail two days later.  In fact, in less than 48 hours, we had the part installed and everything put back together.  We rode the bike for an hour and the part worked perfectly.  All of this was done in time to take advantage of the 75 degree March weather in Denver on St. Patrick's day. I have no doubt that the part you sent me will perform just as well as an original Honda part, and will last as long as the bike and me.  The picture of the bike being restored is beautiful and brings back lots of wonderful memories.  My bike is a 1979, dark brown tank, and a Vetter fairing.  It's cold blooded at first start and runs like a rocket the rest of the day.  Thanks so much for whatever you and the post office have going. It worked well for me. Marshall in Denver"

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada (March 2012)5 Stars!
"Windshield for '81 Interstate has just arrived, as advertised and in spotless undamaged condition. Many thanks for the excellent service. Chris"

 Kolvereid, Norway (March 2012)5 Stars!
"Let me tell you this: You and the folks there with you run this business just the way a business shall be run! The way you care abt your customers is rare in today´s business - unfortunately. I have run my own business on Iternet for ten years and I know a little abt what it takes. You and your mates have done a tremendous job as far as I am concerned! And I have seen from comments left on some of your items that people around the world is completely satisfied with what you do. CREDIT TO YOU ALL!! Unnecessary to say: keep up the good work - I already know yall will :)
I am sorry I forgot to thank you for informing me abt the duplicate - Thank You!! That´s what I call Customer Care!! Much appreciated!!! nj"

Granger, Indiana (March 2012)5 Stars!
"Received my 1800 brake set today. Quick service and very good price. This is the 1st time I have ordered something and I've received an email from a company telling me I could save a few dollars on shipping plus get it faster by changing the carrier. I would say that is very good service! Thank you very much - I will order again! Robert"

Raleigh, North Carolina (January 2012)5 Stars!
"Thanks for being my first Goldwing parts all are fair and my shipping when you can do it for shipping cause you really do have it in stock...huge list of parts...amazing dedication to bringin back obsolete parts...prices kept low (lluv the carb kits and brake pads).  It's no wonder you catch some flak on line. Nobody can compete with you so they have to tear you down and I got a problem with that. Please post my whole name, Terry"

Clermont, Florida ( December 2011)5 Stars!
"Wow, what great and fast service. I am impressed. I will be sure to pass on your names to my friends. Thanks, Rich"

Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada (December 2011)5 Stars!
"Saber Cycle, Items arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you for prompt shipping. Happy Holidays to you all, Mike"

 Benton, Arkansas (October 2011)5 Stars!
"Thank you for your FAST response. You made shopping on-line a pleasant experience. And, I appreciate your reasonable pricing. Bob"

Crestwood, Kentucky (September 2011)5 Stars!
"Order arrived this afternoon in excellent condition, and quite quickly.
Thanks! Regards, Gordon"

Ogallala, Nebraska (September 2011)5 Stars!
"Recieved my order in good conditoin, thanks for packing it well."

Lebanon, Indiana (August 2011)5 Stars!
"It is a pleasure to do buisness with you. You are the fastest company I have ever delt with to get your orders out. Thank Jack"

Annandale, Virginia (August 2011)5 Stars!
"I am really in need of the float valves and it appears they are the same in all four kits. I have one OEM float valve which cost almost as much as the four rebuild kits you supplied from Barracuda. I was expecting a set of four valves from the OEM supplier for $42.78 but their valves must be made of gold and that is the hardly believable price of one,valve assy. only. Thanks for your concern and I am quite happy with your service and will recommend Saber to anyone I know looking for MC parts. Another plus is Saber doesn't charge $9.00 to ship one ounce of parts UPS ground. Chuck"

Stalowa Wola, Poland (August 2011)5 Stars!
"Hello I want to thank you very much for the professional service you provide. I am completely satisfied. Andrzej"

Viens En Luberon, France (July 2011)5 Stars!
"Thank you for shipment, I receive it today. The pieces are in perfect
condition we just have to install them. See you soon, Bruno"

Mount Juliet, Tennessee (July 2011)5 Stars!
"Order received. Thanks for stocking

Johnstown, Colorado (June 2011)5 Stars!
"All at Saber Cycle: You guys have a great company with great service. Just wanted to say thank you. I will use your business again and recommend it to all my friends.

Nokesville, Virginia (June 2011)5 Stars!
"Geeze - that order processing was faster than my bike! thanks, Ken"

 Rosporden, France (June 2011)5 Stars!
"Hello, I received my package this morning. Thank you very much for your speed. Everything is perfect. Serge"

Pronleroy, France (May 2011)5 Stars!
"Hello, I want to congratulate you for your response to me finding the connecting rod bearings can not be found! Thanks to you my engine is sealed and ready to be back in the frame. Another HUGE THANK !!!!!................. Stef"

Sepvret, France (May 2011)5 Stars!
"Hi! The package arrived this morning. I am very pleased with my purchase! Thanks from France. Sincerely, Rodolphe." 

Middleton, South Australia (April 2011)5 Stars!
"Hello Just want to let you know I found the service you provided to me was fantastic.The parts were excellent and the speed that they arrived at my house-on the other side of the world-was unbelievably unbelievable!!! Keep up the good work.Ill be back. Chris"

Hiawatha, Iowa (April 2011)5 Stars!

North Yunderup, Australia (April 2011)5 Stars!
"Hi my name is Phil and I ordered some chrome parts Sunday week ago [ordered 3/27, shipped 3/29] for my old gold wing gl1000 to come here to north Yunderup in western Australia,, well the box of goodies arrived today in a bit over a week, unreal,, I would like to thank you on your prompt service,, I will be buying more from you,  thanking you, Phi"

Queanbeyan, Australia (March 2011)5 Stars!
" I would like to thank you for the parts for my gold wing. And your service. Ian"

Colorado Springs, Colorado (February 2011)5 Stars!
"I just bought a 75 GL1000, my 3rd project bike. You make it alot easier to bring these old wings back to life. I just got my order today so I can get started. Thanks for all you do. Kevin"

Bowling Green, Kentucky (January 2011)5 Stars!
"Thanks for the great customer service. You called to switch my shipping to save me money. Unbelievable. Other companies take the money and run! Bobby"

Nashville, Tennessee (December 2010)5 Stars!
"Just a note to wish you a merry Christmas and tell you how much I appreciate Saber Cycle. Placed some where of 20 orders since 2009 and never got one empty box. Everything fits and is quality. Love the fast shipping too. My bike looks and runs great thanks to you. Didn't break my budget. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year. Steve"

Britt, Minnesota (December 2010)5 Stars!
"Thank you for shipping my order so quickly.  I'll have to check your website for other items to buy because prompt service needs to be rewarded. Thanks again. Mike"

York Haven, Pennsylvania (December 2010)5 Stars!
"I order product id #82-500/430 and the gasket kit you sent was#82-435 which has most of the wrong gaskets in it. I had to go to the Honda shop and get what was missing. order date was 11/25/2010 thanks I still love Saber Cycle, great store. Dave" (NOTE: Dave knows we would have made it right if he had only let us know!)

Elmendorf, Texas (November 2010)5 Stars!
"Hi, I have received the replacement spring. Thanks! You guys are great.
Thank you, Jeff W" (NOTE: Jeff lost the spring that came with the kickstand he ordered. We found an extra one and shipped, no charge.)

Montgomery, Alabama (October 2010)5 Stars!
"Thanks for the fast service shipping my order. Got it in 2 days. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged but you guys were johnny on the spot to file my insurance claim and replace the damaged parts. Can't thank you enough for being there for us old Wingers. JB"

Tarboro, North Carolina (September 2010)5 Stars!
"Wow, You guys have great customer service. I’ll spread the word.  Thanks, Nelson"

Bryant, Indiana (September 2010)5 Stars!
"I got the brakes for my goldwing  ,everthing looks good .  Thanks for the fast service and shipping , You guys are the best """""""""  Steve"

Brunoy, France (September 2010)5 Stars!
"bonjour je viens de recevoir le colis tous est ok ,je vous remercie de votre professionnaliste ,je ne manquerai pas de vous recommander sur le site goldwing club france  dont je suis membre encor merci et à bientot ; jacques"

Winchester, Virginia (August 2010)5 Stars!
"I got my package August 5th that evening and shipped it back the 6th. You guys really know how to take care of a customer and thanks for the pin, I love it, I'll add to my collection with fond memorys. Thanks again. Walter"

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (August 2010)5 Stars!
"To whom it may concern,
I would just like to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my order, the parts i ordered look great on my bike, quality parts. If possible i would like to submit a picture of my goldwing for your gallery...Thanks again, Denis"

Little Rock, Arkansas (August 2010)5 Stars!
"Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that my husband just loved this gift [GL1800 backrest]. He says he will never ride again without a backrest and said it makes a world of difference to him when riding. Thanks so much for all of your help with the purchase and shipping. Take care! Val"

San Antonio, Texas (August 2010)5 Stars!
"My order arrived Sat. am. Just wanted to thank you for your prompt service, and the information that you sent with my order. I'm an "embryonic" computer nerd , so this is the only way I could find to thank you. I'm sure I will order other parts in the future. Thanks again, Lon"

Livermore, California (August 2010)5 Stars!
"I just wanted to pass along feedback regarding my new Exhaust Extensions. The delivery was excellent, The parts were better than I had hoped. Easy install and look great on my bike. A++ product and service. I'll check with you first for my Wing parts - Thanks, Russ"

Waterdown, Ontario, Canada (July 2010)5 Stars!
"Thanks for the Accents, Mirror Back Goldwing GL1200 1984 and the Fender extension, front Goldwing GL1200. They arrived today to Canada in 4 days after the order and look great on my 1984 Goldwing. Great service again! Regards Mark"

Romainville, France (June 2010)5 Stars!
"Hello Saber my package is arrived whithout any damage I m verry happy  thank you for all and have a nice day Hubert"

Sepvret, France (June 2010)5 Stars!
"Hi. I have received the package this morning. I am very pleased with my purchase. Sincere thanks to France. Best Regards, Rodolphe"

Navarre, Ohio (May 2010)5 Stars!
"Everthing is great. Brakes are on and doing just fine. shipment was very timely and  the price was great. I give you a (5) five stars. THANKS DON"

Obourg, Hainaut, Belgium (April 2010)5 Stars!
"objet reçu rapidement et conforme a la commande site a recommander serieux et tres rapide je recommanderer encore car aie aussi une  goldwins 1100 a mon fils" Serge

 Vera Beach, Florida (April 2010)5 Stars!
"I thank your products are very nice,and the price is great. I love the new look of my goldwing 2008" Emmett

Mesquite, Texas (April 2010)5 Stars!
Hello Saber Cycle. I have rebuilt my 1983 GL1100 carbs with excellent results using the Barracuda rebuild kits. The accelerator pump diaphragm is a bit different given the locating tabs with holes/passages are a bit smaller. Special care must be used during install to maintain alignment of these ports in the holes of housing. The tabs are much smaller which will allow rotational misalignment.  Other than this one item, everything worked well. The bike runs well and I am satisfied with the quality of parts except for diaphragm previously mentioned. Thanks for the support. I will return to Saber as a customer. Best regards, Brad"

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island5 Stars!

"Hello Saber Cycle, We recieved our items this evening - thank you for the response everything looks will our bike.
Cheers, Gwen"

Husavik, Iceland (February 2010)5 Stars!
"hello, Thank you for good service I am very happy with this business with you It was a first time I order somthing from US. I have just bought this Goldwing and I will defenitly contact yo again later...Erlingur"

Monson, Spain (January 2010)5 Stars!
"Hello, I have received the order 13389, quite perfectly and rapidly. It has been a pleasure to treat with you and I will do new purchases.  Thank you  Jose"

 Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands (January 2010)5 Stars!
"hello  thank you verry much  it is verry nice that you can double chek your order
the order is good  will do buisnis again  greetzz lorenzo"

New Bern, North Carolina ( January 2010)5 Stars!
"I love your site! I was trying to shop at crecent moon cycles but their site went under...found you guys on google w the same hard to find cool parts but better prices and more stuff. I found crecent moon from a vendor referral page at Wish you guys were on there so I would have found you sooner.
Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®"

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (January 2010)5 Stars!
Voice Message: "This is Edward...I  received my order that was missing and I wanted to thank you for great service. I will be ordering from you again. Thank you. Bye."

Oamura, New Zealand (January 2010)5 Stars!
"Thank you for your prompt service. GREAT. The lenses arrived yesterday -Monday- and do fit in the Peterson light even though looking different on the glass. Once again Thank You for your service. Much appreciated. DAVE."

Sens, France (January 2010)5 Stars!
"merci vous ete des champions bravo cordialement georges"

Aiken, South Carolina (December 2009)5 Stars!
"my order arrived correct and undamaged,i am looking forward to purchasing othor items frrom you. thanx"

Le Bar Sur Loup, France (December 2009)5 Stars!
"hi, thanks for your answer. [piston] rings received in my mail box dec fact with usps tracking when package arrive in france there is an advice,and as i saw nothing ,i was affraid  parcel was in customs hands (french government need money and even small amounts should be taxed..) your service is good and i ll sure come again. regards and happy new year, jean louis"

San Jose, California ( December 2009)5 Stars!
"12-08-2009-I've had every Honda SOHC carb fail that was equipped with [another brands] gaskets...I soaked three randomly selected gaskets in different grades of gasoline and not only photographed the result, but took the gaskets (still in their gas bath) to [them]...I'm in failure analysis when I'm not mucking about with motorcycles. We've seen this before. The culprit is a combination of octane boosters (ethanol, methanol, and MTBE--methyl-tertiary butyl ether) that refineries begin adding on Oct 10. Good for cars, bad for bikes. I'll test your gl1000 gasket (it appears to be made of same material) and let you know what happens.12/10/2009-Your kits are equal to or superior to others' in every aspect. I tested the bowl gasket from the GL1000 kit and it was fine, as I assumed it would be....RE the incomplete set...Mistakes happen and you guys are tops at taking care of your customers. I'll be sending in an order for more kits in the next few days. THANKS! JD"

Dallas, Texas (December 2009)5 Stars!
"Yes, I'm all finished [with GL1100 carburetor rebuild].  And it's not the first time I've done this over the many years I've owned this bike, but your kits work so much better than the OEM stuff; (no kidding!)  If there was a way to tell other ebay'ers, I would certainly express my endorsement.  - Robert"

Aiken, South Carolina (December 2009)5 Stars!
"my order arrived correct and undamaged,i am looking forward to purchasing othor items frrom you. thanx"

 Houston, Texas (November 2009)5 Stars!
"Thanks for the great service. I got the windshield yesterday and put it on today. It works great on my wife's old CB 750 C. Thanks. Dave"

Poland, Ohio (November 2009)5 Stars!
"The air cut-off valve info sheet was really good. The GL I bought exhibits every symptom described in the bulletin. Before I purchased the bike it went through both head gaskets and the right bank head gasket failed again. The mechanic who repaired the head gaskets obviously didn't understand the source of the problem. I will be ordering carb re-build kits including the acov's. I should probably replace the left side HG also. I'll place the order soon. Thanks, Peter"

Taylor Mills, Kentucky (September 2009)5 Stars!
Voice Message: "My name is Pete... I placed an order on ebay on Saturday. I received it today. I am totally elated at the service of you people and from, Saber Cycle, and the quality of what I received. Thank you very much. I will leave you positive FB. I don't who the idiot is on that sucks site but I'd like to help you. Thank you very much. You've got a customer. Bye-bye."

Napier, New Zealand (July 2009)5 Stars!
"I recently purchased several items from you, for my 86 aspencade, and I am very impressed with your service and quality of the goods. I thank you very much, and have a great day. Kind regards, Robbie"

Howell, New Jersey (June 2009)5 Stars!
"Excellent, thanks for the heads up. You guys rock. Robert"

Alligator Point, Florida (June 2009)5 Stars!
"Diane, I talked with you on the phone last night. Thank you for your great customer service. This old Goldwing belonged to my father since it was new and I will be buying many more items from your business. I do appreciate the extra effort that you put in to getting this taken care of quickly. Thank you, William"

Campbellsville, Kentucky (May 2009)5 Stars!
"THANK YOU! honesty cannot be bought for any price.i would never have given a thought to a couple bucks shipping.sincerely shane" (He received a credit for shipping.)

Roberts, Wisconsin (May 2009)5 Stars!
"Hello...  Just wanted to commend you for your "Prompt" service...  I received my order today, and if I'm as happy with the way your parts fit as I am with your great service, I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer. I work on "Wings" all the time, and it's great to know these parts are available, fast and at a very reasonable price. Best Regards Bruce"

Bradenton, Florida (February 2009)5 Stars!
"i recieved the air cut off valves this afternoon and will be shipping the other part back in morning and i want to thank you onthe way you handle this  agreat lot to deal with and i seevery honest and true to the way you do bussiness i am very proud to do buying from you  as i know your policy to only ship small orders to the ones that you know you can trust i also appreciate that and again thank you RICHARD"

Des Moines, Iowa (December 2008)5 Stars!
"Diane, Thank you. Always a pleasure dealing with you. Have a Happy holiday season and a great Christmas.Charly"

Harrison, Arkansas (November 2008)5 Stars!
"Diane.....Thank You for this response.....Will gladly see you again when you have sumthang I need or want.  I appreciate your great service."

Toronto, Ohio(November 2008)5 Stars!
"got items yesterday very pleased. thank you zman"

 Craigavon, Armagh, United Kingdom (October 2008)5 Stars!

Lynnwood, Washington (August 2008)5 Stars!
"BEST SERVICE ON THE WEB – I have looked all over the place for the right parts and good prices.  I’m restoring a Goldwing and you have a really GREAT buying, shopping cart, web look and easy browsing when it comes to shopping online.  For me there is but one place to shop for my Goldwing needs.  Keep up the good work and pass on my comments to the appropriate individuals. Thank you, Todd"

Lebanon, Oregon (August 2008)5 Stars!
"Thank you for the quick shipping and great service. I was a little hesitant at first to do it this way as I usually use paypal but this has worked out very well. Mark"

Perry, Florida (July 2008)5 Stars!
"product has already very excited about installing on bike this weekend....will continue to do business with you in the future as you product is A1 and your shipments are prompt...thanks...b."

Ottumwa, Iowa (July 2008)5 Stars!
"Thank you for the fast service. I will surely use your business again."

St. Michael, Minnesota (July 2008)5 Stars!
"Parts have arrived, look good. You have done well. Thank you. Ron"

Blaine, Minnesota (June 2008)5 Stars!
Thank you. Received and am pleased.

Palisade, Colorado (June 2008)5 Stars!
"I would like to say that the order I placed was sent quickly. I am extremly glad that I came across  your site. Iwill be ordering alot more from you in the future. THANK YOU, Sincerely, S.G. sr "

Markham, Ontario, Canada (May 2008)5 Stars!
"Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the excellent service. I will definitely use you in the future and recommend you to my friends. Thanks, Sean"

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand (May 2008)5 Stars!
"Items received safely  this morning (Tues 13th May), thank you for the excellent products, great detailed communication and speedy despatch..!!...will buy again soon...... Regards, Peter and Deirdre "

Wyndham, Southland, New Zealand (March 2008)5 Stars!
"thank you so much for your time and professinal approach,i will be recommending you to a lot of my friends who have 12 and 1500 wings,been a pleasure doing business ...cheers ...ian"

Portland, Victoria, Australia (February 2008)5 Stars!
"To the MANAGER. I recently placed my very first internet order with your company, my first ever on a computer. As i am an older AUSSIE rider & not very confident with the internet,or computers at all,this was my first go at it. I must say i have been pleasantly surprised, by the proffessional way your people made the whole thing happen. Firstly, by the ease of setting up an account, secondly, the ease of your online shop,thirdly the packaging & postage of the items & last but not least the return e-mails letting me know step by step how my order was progressing. Once again thankyou.You will hear from me again. Regards: Stuart"

Tuscon, Arizona (February 2008)5 Stars!
"To whom it may concern, l just recieved a mirror for my GL1200 LTD.  l ordered it on sat. and recieved it on mon.  l can't believe how FAST l got this......ya'll are AWESOME!!...... Thanks,  l'll be ordering the other mirror (right side)  because it's all beat up too!! and other parts  too!!  Thanks again,  Dave"

Charlotte, North Carolina (January 2008)5 Stars!
I just found your site and wanted to say that I LOVE IT!!! I have a 1982 Honda Aspencade painted in 1972 Corvette Green. I found chrome parts on your site that I thought were no longer made! I also found chrome parts that I didn't know existed. I'll be ordering a lot of items in the near future. Thank you for preserving the chrome items for older bikes!!! I've attached a picture of my bike so you can see some of the custom made pieces. Thanks again!  Sincerely, George"

Fredericksburg, Virginia (January 2008)5 Stars!
"I just submitted this order, and two business days later it's here! Fantastic service..... Just had to let you know. Jeff in VA"

Ft Carson, Colorado (November 2007)5 Stars!
"I bought pads from you for my 85'Goldwing a while back and I am very happy with them and your service. I want you to know that there are some of us riders that do appreciate what you are doing for us. It is not always communicated in a sales transaction, there just isn't the space to type in the kudo's you deserve, but we talk and you come up, always with good remarks. I just wanted to pass that along hopefully it will put a smile on your face for the morning. Thank you again for all you do for all of us. Regards, Steve"

Rogers, Arkansas (June 2007)5 Stars!
"by the way I am some what surprised just how fast I got my order  and just to thank you for  doing so. Russell"

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK(May 2007)5 Stars!
"Once again, many thanks for your prompt attention to my recent order. My parts arrived within a week of my ordering them. How do you do it? I suspect that you must have a fleet of freighter flying saucers! As ever, first class quality and service. My bike's beginning to look like a mobile advertisement for Saber Cycle. There's a thought, do you have any advertising stickers? All my best wishes for the continued success of your business. George"

Camden, Michigan (January 2007)5 Stars!
"Saber Cycle you are great!!!! We ordered on Sat. received it on Monday. Everything was more than I expected. If there is anything else that I need or want you will be the one I order from. I have already told some of my friends about you. Thank you very much. Tom & Sharon"

Arcadia, California (October 2006)5 Stars!
"To Saber-Cycle,I bought a pair of GL1200 mirrors from you folks on E-Bay not long ago, and was extremely pleased with both product and speed of shipping. I went to your website shortly afterwards and decided to purchase a few more items from you and can you believe it, I'm even MORE impressed with you now than before! That's not easy to do for most businesses I've dealt with in the past, & I'm not kidding! You are now not only on my "Favorite sellers" list on E-Bay, but you will be my 1st choice for anything I need in the future before looking elsewhere! Kudos to you for overall service!  Bob"

Denia, Alicante, Spain (August 2006)5 Stars!
"Hi, thank you very much for your perfect and very fast shipping within 8 days. Greetings, Arnie"

Margaretville, New York (June 2006)5 Stars!

Spanaway, Washington (May 2006)5 Stars!
"I just got finished mounting the plates and boards (boy that was easy) and they look great. Thanks for the info on sending money orders, that will come in handy. I have it posted next to my computer now. Positive feedback is definitely being left. Thanks again, Wayne"

Newark, Deleware (April 2006)5 Stars!
"I do not know if you remember our previous conversations on the mirrors. You were wondering why I was purchasing them even though you said that they would be like the ones that I already had. Well I took the chance and BOY AM I GLAD I DID. What a difference, the mirrors I received from you give me such a better filed of view then what I had before! While not the same as the concave mirrors, I can now see the lane next to me and not just the cars grill. The mirrors that were on this Bike had such a magnified mirror it was dangerous to ride. Thank you for helping me out with getting me a better vision then I had before. Thanks again for a great product at a great price. Chuck"

Alvin, Texas (April 2006)5 Stars!
"sabercycle, you got to be kidding me! I just sent you the MO on Monday and this item is already here! You people are absolutely the best. I have used ebay for the past 3 years and never, I mean never received such super service. Thank you for your effort............butch"

Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, UK (January 2006)5 Stars!
"To all at Saber Cycle. Received my parts on 10th of January. Once again, superb quality and service.I can't praise you enough. Many thanks. George"

Wilsonville, Alabama (January 2006)5 Stars!
"I recently purchased saddle bag rails off Ebay from Saber-Cycle and when I received my package there were several brochures of different items that you had available and also a flyer on Air Cut-off valve, it described my problem to a Tee. I purchased the valve and it is a different bike, thanks for all your help. Tim"

More Customer Testimonials 2005 to 2000

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