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GoldWing GL1500 Antennas & Brackets

51-421.jpg Antenna cover base Goldwing GL1500
Chrome cover for the base of the antenna of the GL1500 that also fits the chrome Antenna base sleeve...

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51-421_424.jpg Antenna cover sleeve Goldwing GL1500
Chrome sleeve for the lower antenna of the GL1500 that fits our chrome antenna base cover...

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76-202.jpg Antenna Kit, CB Goldwing GL1500 OEM
Honda OEM 08118-MN-550 CB antenna kit with fold-down antenna provides a complete replacement for 1988 to 2000 GL1500.

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51-470.jpg Armrest Antenna Mounting Bracket Goldwing GL1500
Chrome bracket for the left side mount of the GL1500 armrests where there is no second antenna.

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76-205.jpg CB Antenna, red-lighted, Universal
This 30 inch long, universal red-lighted CB Antenna has full range adjustable SWR for all purposes and is rated at 100 watts P.E.P. power...

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