CalSci GL1800 Touring Windshield

Saber Cycle now selling California Scientific windshields

Saber Cycle is proud to add California Scientific windshields for Gold Wings to its inventory. Since 1985, CalSci has been known for its innovative designs that reduce noise in the cockpit area, turbulence and back pressure. They now offer a total of nine sizes for the GL1800 to accommodate any rider

California Scientific has relocated to the Kansas City metro from California which has created an opportunity to collaborate with Saber Cycle to develop windshields for the early Wing models.

If you own a running GL1200, live in the Kansas City metro and would like to participate in its windshield development, please contact California Scientific.

GL1800 Touring Touring Shield comes in 5 Sizes

GL1800 Extra Wide Touring Shield comes in 4 sizes

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