Saber Cycle Brings Back the GL1200 Carburetor Slide Diaphragm

Saber Cycle invested in the reproduction of the GL1200 carburetor slide diaphragm that is now IN STOCK .   This slide diaphragm was obsoleted about 3 years ago by Honda where it was identified as the vacuum piston diaphragm, OEM 16111-ML8-741.  Owners of GL1200s that need slide diaphragms replacements are getting horrible gas mileage and some GL1200s are being parked because they can’t run.

The GL1100 and GL1500 are the only Goldwing models that have accelerator pump diaphragms. Except for the fuel-injected 1985 Limited and 1986 GL1200 Special Edition, the GL1200 design incorporated a diaphragm onto the carburetor slide of each of the GL1200’s four carburetors. A pinch or tear of the diaphragm or atrophy of the diaphragm’s material will allow excess air into the carburetors, forcing owners to adjust their carbs for richer fuel.

The two carburetors of the GL1500 also incorporate the carburetor slide diaphragm that is still currently available at Honda as OEM , 16111-MY4-000, and sells for $120.00.  Saber Cycle now offers the carburetor slide diaphragm by Barracuda Bike Parts because nobody knows when Honda will decide to obsolete this critical part.

By Barracuda Bike Parts™

14 thoughts on “Saber Cycle Brings Back the GL1200 Carburetor Slide Diaphragm

  1. I’m very interested in your GL1200 carb slide diaphragm. I have a GL1200 which has sat for many years, so I need 4 of these. When will they be available, and wha is the price for a set of 4?


  2. yes i was woundering the status on the GL1200 carb slide diaphragm as far as a for sure date thanks

  3. The GL1200 slide diaphragms have been shipped and we are waiting to receive. Subscribe to this Blog to get the latest updates.

  4. Your referring to this as the diaphragm, but the picture shows the slide. Does this include the slide too or is it just the diaphraghm part? Thanks.

  5. “Carburetor slide diaphragm” is a term used in the trade for many years. We state which Honda OEM number that this part replaces as well as Honda’s term for it. BTW 16111-ML8-741 was never composed of two parts, a slide and a diaphragm, which can be verified by any Honda carburetor component microfiche.

  6. Thanks for your reply. I’m well aware of the difference between a slide, a diaphragm and an assembly. That’s why I asked the question above. I think it’s a simple, straightforward question. Your product description is slightly ambiguous and your reply above doesn’t really answer the question. Other vendors in the marketplace have been selling replacement GL1200 diaphragm (only) sets for some time. I’m not sure what you are selling.

  7. Thank you Saber Cycle for saving my GL1200! Was I the first sale? No glue-on diaphragms for me. How long would that last? Count on Saber Cycle to do it right.

  8. I bought Randakk [the carb savant] goofy slide diaphragm fix a few years ago and they busted. No refund or replacement. At least Saber Cycle made them like Honda and didn’t cut corners like Randakk. I cant believe I fell for it.

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