GL1200 VF750 VF1000 VF1100 Fuel Cut Relay available at Saber Cycle

GL1200 VF750 VF1000 VF1100 Fuel Cut Relay

Silicon Rectifier Diode for GL1000 GL1200 and GL1500 In Stock at Saber Cycle

Silicon rectifier replaces 31710-371-008 for 1976-79 GL1000 and all years GL1200 and GL1500 models. Picture shows a bank of 4 red silicon receptor diodes located on the solenoid/neutral switch circuit below the voltage regulator on this 1976 GL1000. It’s purpose is to isolate the clutch switch from the neutral switch.

Saber Cycle offers GL1500C Valkyrie F6C Catalog

GL1500 Valkyrie F6C Catalog at Saber Cycle

The Valkyrie shares many of the same parts as the GL1500 Gold Wing and a few other Gold Wing models. The GL1500 Valkyrie F6C Catalog is a list of Gold Wing parts we stock that crossover to the 97-00 GL1500C Valkyrie F6C and 04-08 NRX1800 Valkyrie Rune. Now Valkyrie owners can experience the value of … [Read more…]

Labor Day Sale 15% Off Orders

Laber Day Sale 15% Off Orders

Saber Cycle now stocks Black GL1000 Shocks

GL1100 Black Shocks

GL1800 Exhaust Pipe Gaskets in Stock

GL1800 exhaust pipe gaskets

75-77 GP-Style Brake Clutch Control Levers for GL1000 in stock at Saber Cycle

75-77 GL1000 GP-style Brake Clutch control levers

Saber Cycle now stocks GL1100 CDI Box

GL1100 CDI Box