Saber Cycle adds to its Classic Honda Catalog

Chrome Master Cylinder Reservoir Lid and lower reservoir cover

Saber Cycle recently expanded its Classic Honda Catalog after finding many more parts and accessories that crossover to fit other early Honda models. The catalog is separated by engine size: 400-600ci, 650-900ci, 950-1100ci. We added our Universal and Tools catalog for convenience but the descriptions will be slanted towards Wings. This is a work in … [Read more…]

Stainless Steel Trunk Scratch Guard for GL1100 now in Stock

Stainless steel trunk scratch guard for GL1100

Turn Signal Mount Bolts for GL1000 are now in Stock

Turn signal mount bolt

Saber Cycle now offers front and rear turn signal mount bolts for the stock GL1000.

Stainless Steel Grills for King Touring Lights are now in Stock

King Touring Light Grill in stainless steel

MC Enterprise Chrome-Rod Rail Trim for the GL1500 trunk, only 5 left

Gl1500 Chrome-rod rail trunk trim

Engraved Saddlebag Kickplates and Latch Accents for GL1100, a Drag Specialties original

Engraved Kick Plates and Saddlebag Latches by Drag Specialties

MARKLAND 1984 GL1200 Dual Turn-down Exhaust Extensions back from past.

84 GL1200 Chrome dual turn-down exhaust extensions

Original MARKLAND Burgundy GL1200 Drivers Backrest at Saber Cycle

MARKLAND Burgundy GL1200 Drivers Backrest

We knew we had them and sure enough found four (4) sets buried deep in our warehouse still unopened in their original boxes. Back from the past, these brand new drivers backrest are the original MARKLAND backrests in the burgundy of the Eighties.

Starter Clutch Rebuild kit now in stock for GL1000 GL1100 and GL1200

Starter Clutch rebuild kit with rollers, springs and cap

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