GL1200 Carburetor slide diaphragm coming back into stock at Saber Cycle

Our exclusive GL1200 carburetor slide diaphragms are coming back into stock soon. Two are in stock now with more to come.

GL1800 Brake Caliper Rebuild kits for 01-10 available at Saber Cycle

GL1800 Brake Caliper Rebuild kit

2001-2010 GL1800 owners can count on these brake caliper rebuild kits to remain in stock. **********************************************************************************************  


GL1500 Trailer Receiver Hitch now in stock, only $222

Gl1500 trailer receiver hitch #2-437

GL1500 Hot Air Vent Accent now in stock

GL1500 Hot Air Vent Accent

Silicone v Rubber Radiator Hoses for Gold Wings

GL1000 Lower radiator hose 82-471

Silicone radiator hoses are flooding the market now for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. Some silicone radiator hose makers, like Flex Technologies USA, admit that silicone hoses are not suitable for daily operation because of the permeability of silicone to water. Despite claims that silicone is watertight, water vapors escape very slowly through the walls of … [Read more…]

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2018 Updates: GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200 now have separate catalogs

GL1000, GL1100 and GL1200 now have separate catalogs

No more searching through other model parts to find what you need for your Early Wing which was combined into one catalog.

The LAST 20% OFF ORDERS SALE in 2017

Last 20% OFF ORDERS in 2017