Bell Helmets has a history of building quality, revolutionary equipment. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, everyone from land speed racers to motocrossers to professional hoons like Evel Knievel wore Roy Richter’s helmets. The Bell Star, released in 1963, is often called the first full-face moto helmet, and Bell isContinue Reading

Helmet after motorcycle accident

Missouri’s state government has partially repealed its helmet laws for motorcyclists. Now, some riders–but not all–will be allowed to ride helmet-free. Back in March, we had our first look at Missouri state senator Eric Burlison’s plan to cut back on the state’s helmet laws. At that time, Burlison wanted toContinue Reading

The world’s oldest motorcycle rally, Laconia Motorcycle Week will still go in.  Originally scheduled for mid-June, the event had been moved to August 22.  It was hoped that the COVID pandemic would no longer be an issue by that date.  But COVID is still a major concern and the Laconia,Continue Reading

Open for Business

Saber Cycle remains open for business to serve the parts needs of our global community during this time of uncertainty due to COVID-19. Yesterday the City of Kansas City, Missouri issued a Stay at Home order effective Tuesday, March 24. This order will not restrict or limit our ability toContinue Reading

Improving slow-speed stability can be fun. No, really. This “slow race” broke out after lunch with fellow riders and was just for fun. But it’s actually a great way to build skills. More than any other skill, riders tell me they wish they had better low-speed control. And no wonder;Continue Reading

Lanesplitting in Bangkok

Lanesplitting – and its closely-related cousin filtering – just won’t go away. After decades that saw California as the only US state that legalized the practice, or at least turned a blind eye, we’re seeing consistent pressure to allow the practice at some level in other states. The big breakthroughsContinue Reading